Ada's Mittens

Kids helpings kids stay warm!

We collect singles and pairs of mittens in the Toronto area to donate to children in need.

Ada’s Mittens was sparked from the fact that Ada never brought home more than one mitten each day during her first year of school. After scouring her classroom and the school’s lost and found, we concluded that the other mittens must have been pulled into a black hole. We held onto the lonely survivors hoping that their solemates would eventually turn up. Alas, a happy reunion was not to be. Realizing that other parents must be in the same boat, and seeing a sea of lonely mittens in the lost and found, we decided to ask if anyone wanted to donate their mittens rather than sending them to the landfill.

All of the mittens that we collect are washed, tagged by size, and donated to children in need.

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How to help

If you are interested in donating singles or pairs of mittens to Ada's Mittens, or if you could use warm mittens for your school, charity, or your own family, then please contact us below.

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